Combing hair may seem like a simple task, but in fact there are several things you can do to improve the method of comb and keep your hair healthy and strong.

It is important to choose a brush or comb that is made of high-quality materials and that suits the quality of your hair well before starting to detangle your hair.

Tangles should always be combed gently and distributed in the hair’s natural oils.

So brush your hair once a day and brush your hair every two weeks to keep your hair soft, healthy and clean.

The best ways to comb hair to keep it healthy and strong:

1- Follow healthy hair-combing habits:

Finish off your hair with a few brushes from root to tip for extra shine.

You should also comb your hair when it is dry to prevent it from falling out.

Also, avoid over-combing your hair to keep it healthy.

Additionally, you should spray hairspray on your brush to avoid creating static.

2- Detangling hair and removing knots:

Use a detangling spray, leave-in conditioner, or detangling oil.

Also, brush the bottom section of your hair, 5 to 7.5 cm.

Then comb or detangle with gentle, gentle movements.

3- Choose the right hair brush:

Choose a brush made of good quality materials, such as a mixed bristle brush for medium hair.

Or choose a brush with sparse nylon bristles if you have thick or coarse hair.

You can also look for brushes with flexible bristles and a curved structure if you have curly hair.

Or if you want to use a wide-toothed plastic brush to comb and style short hair.

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