Waiting desperate for your hair to grow on its own may be frustrating, but there are changes if you introduce them into your daily life, so you will definitely notice your hair grow faster accelerating.

So in this post, we’ve gathered the most effective of these daily habits, along with our best curated hair care tips.

Habits that make your hair grow faster:

1- Avoid shampooing your hair daily

Over-shampooing can dry out and damage your hair, unless your hair is very greasy.

Washing your hair from time to time also gives an opportunity for the natural oils that your body produces to style your hair.

You can also consider using a scalp treatment to help keep your hair follicles clean, as this helps keep your hair healthy.

2- Use a moisturizer

Make sure to use a moisturizing product after every shampoo.

Because shampoo removes oils from the hair, which the conditioner can replace.

Also, make sure to rinse the shampoo thoroughly before you condition it.

3- Rinse your hair with cold water

After shampooing and conditioner, rinse quickly with cool water.

Where the cold water ensures the stability of the hair follicles.

And thus reduces the amount of hair falling after the shower.

4- Minimize exposure to heat and dyes

Heat and dyes will damage hair over time, so try to let your hair air dry when you can.

In order to reduce the heat it exposes.

I also prolong the periods between each time of dyeing and the next.

And use a shampoo for dyed hair in order to limit the damage of dyeing.

5- Comb your hair carefully

Use a wide-toothed comb to gently loosen tangles.

Start combing from the ends of the hair and then gradually go up to the scalp.

And if you pull the hair too hard to detangle it, it will fall out.

6- Massage your scalp

Daily massage of the scalp on your own may help stimulate blood flow to the hair follicle and in turn stimulate hair growth.

So make scalp massages an essential part of your daily hair care regimen.

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