The health of your hair is fundamental to your appearance, which is what makes wash and care for your hair a very important practice.

Unfortunately, the way you wash your hair may be more harmful than beneficial.

Choosing the right products is absolutely essential, but the key to getting healthy hair is the way, time and place you apply them.

Correct hair washing method:


Dry brushing is very beneficial for hair, and it is also good for your scalp.

Do not be afraid of your hair falling out with this process, as this information is incorrect.

Rather, combing stimulates blood circulation in the scalp.

Which increases the secretion of nutrients in the follicles and promotes healthy hair growth.

Hair loss occurs as a result of other factors such as diet, stress, and hormonal changes.

In fact, we naturally lose about a hundred hairs a day.

If you don’t comb your hair for several days and see a lot of hair loss, don’t panic, it’s normal.

You can consult your doctor if you feel that the hair loss is more than normal.


Avoid wash your hair daily, as washing hair removes the natural oils that the scalp produces.

Thus, this will stimulate her to secrete more oils, putting you in front of the problem of greasy hair.

But if you exercise daily and sweat, it is best to wash your hair daily to keep your scalp clean.

As you have to apply shampoo twice when showering.

The first time apply it to your scalp and massage it, and add more water if necessary.

You should also not apply large amounts of shampoo, so that your scalp does not become oily.

If there is no significant amount of suds, the shampoo is removing oils and dirt.

Repeat this process, but this time, rub your scalp well, then wipe the shampoo to the ends of your hair to clean it completely.


Conditioner is a very important product, especially if you are exfoliating your scalp.

Try to squeeze the hair to get rid of the excess water before applying any conditioner, as the water acts as a barrier that prevents your hair from absorbing the product properly.

Apply conditioner to all hair from root to tip, the best way is to turn head down and apply conditioner from root to tip.

Also, avoid applying hair conditioner directly to the scalp, in order not to get greasy roots.


The simplest and most important tip for drying hair is to pat it with a towel rather than rubbing it with it.

If your hair is thin and fine, then rubbing the hair with a towel is harmful to it and will make it full of knots.

If it is thick, it will become curly, so it is best to use a light, easy-to-use towel.

Wrap your hair in a towel to remove the excess water.

If you dry your hair with an electric hair dryer, always make sure that the dryer nozzle is installed.

It helps you direct the air down, thus ensuring that you get beautiful, even hair.

When you notice knots in the hair, slowly move the hairdryer nozzle down.

This helps soften the ends of the hair, for a more attractive look.

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