There are seven big or even fatal, mistakes we make against our hair every day, which are among the biggest hair care mistakes.

Therefore, it is necessary to think about those mistakes that you are making against your hair today.

As we all know general tips that promote healthy hair.

But did you know that you harm your hair daily by making these mistakes during hair care without realizing it?

Hair care mistakes:

Not combing the hair sufficiently

It is important to comb the hair frequently, as the life span of the hair is about 7 years.

On average, we lose about 120 hairs per day to make way for new hair to grow. If you don’t comb your hair, this hair will not fall out.

Combing with a good brush also helps to massage the scalp, which stimulates healthy hair growth.

Wrong hair washing

Frequent shampooing is essential for healthy hair growth.

Hair, like any other part of the body, requires you to clean it regularly.

 Thus, the information that says that reducing hair washing helps the hair to clean itself by itself is wrong.

Washing hair also helps reduce daily hair loss.

As washing your hair with shampoo and massaging the scalp, removes dirt and small, broken hair that is stuck on the scalp.

So the next time you shower, gently massage your scalp with your fingers to help exfoliate your scalp and keep it healthy.

Dealing rough with tangles of your hair

You can comb your hair when it is damp, but since wet hair is weaker than dry hair, be gentle when combing it.

As for when you encounter a tangle in your hair, start combing it from its ends towards the top.

Because if you start from the top, you will work on breaking the hair without noticing.

As for the brush, it must contain flexible plastic teeth with rounded ends, as the pointed tip of them hurts the hair.

Dry your hair roughly with a towel

Towel drying is definitely, but not always, better than a blow dryer.

As towel drying your hair leads to tangles and breakage as well.

So use your hands to squeeze water from large sections of your hair.

Then pat the towel over the hair to remove the remaining water without harshly rubbing it into the hair.

Sleeping on your hair

People do not realize that they are hurting their hair while they are asleep.

When you move while you are asleep, your hair will rub against the pillow, causing it to break.

And since you now realize that wet hair is weaker than dry.

You become aware that sleeping with damp hair will make your hair more susceptible to damage, so avoid this.

It is always recommended to use a silk pillow because the rubbing against the hair is softer and softer than cotton.

Tie your hair into a ponytail

When you are tired of your hair falling out on your face, the best solution is always to lift it up with a ponytail.

But if you pull the hair too hard when tying it, this will affect the hair follicles, and thus hair loss.

Also, this hairstyle may lead to permanent hair loss if applied many times and for long periods of time.

So don’t pull your hair too tight when you tie it, or you will get receding hairline and permanent damage.

Not protecting hair when swimming

If you swim regularly, you must take special care of your hair to protect it from the damage it may suffer.

Chlorine and salt water also cause dry hair, especially Afro-Caribbean hair because it contains more pores.

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