Maintaining beautiful, shiny and healthy hair is relatively easy if you follow a few simple steps.

Here are some other helpful ideas for caring for hair, and what you can do at home to get very beautiful hair.

Simple steps to get beautiful, shiny hair after showering:

1- Wash hair properly

Do not wash your hair a lot and use a good quality shampoo.

Washing hair frequently will make it dry, and it will filter it from its natural oils, and this may harm the hair.

So try to wash your hair every two days, or even twice a week.

2- Dry the hair

Leave your hair to dry naturally

After washing the hair, wrap it in a cotton T-shirt.

Towels are made of tough fabrics that can damage your hair, make it frizzy and.

Also, avoid combing your hair when wet, as this makes it brittle and weak.

Try not to blow dry your hair, as healthy hair does not respond well to heat.

And if you must use a blow dryer, set it on the lowest temperature and use it only once a week.

And if you are one of those who shower at night before going to sleep.

Tie your hair in a round shape at the top of your head and let it dry overnight.

3- Comb the hair

Do not brush your hair too much

 Combing the hair activates its pores, which leads to its growth.

But combing the hair frequently and frequently will harm it and cause it to break.

After showering, try using a sparse comb, or use your fingers instead of a comb.

4- Hair styling

Get your hair trimmed regularly

The best way to stop hair breakage is to cut it yourself. Hold a few strands in your hand and cut about a half an inch above the split ends.

Many women who have very beautiful hair do not suffer from breakage at the ends of the hairs because they place a priority on cutting hair every 6 to 8 weeks.

Style your hair naturally to reduce the damage it can cause

Styling your hair yourself won’t do much damage to your hair, but repeated styling more than once a week will put your hair under a lot of pressure.

If you have an event or a party and you want to straighten your hair, no problem, but do not make this a daily habit, but rather something that you do only on occasions.

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