The choice of shampoo is one of the most important factors in this care, as oily hair is a problem for many women.

They feel uncomfortable with the look and often bathe constantly.

Trying to diminish the natural oil of their strands of hair starting at the root.

Daily care of oily hair is essential, because the oils secreted by oily hair can cause severe hair loss.

Another important point to mention is that when oily hair is washed too much, a reflexive effect may occur.

The sebaceous glands think it is necessary to produce more oil to moisturize the hair after showering.

One of the first steps in oily hair care is determining the best shampoo.

A lot is said about getting rid of oils and dirt from your hair.

But care must be taken as it can dry out very hard.

The best option in these cases is to use a deep cleansing shampoo (Shampoo PH9) from Saolindas products that helps control hair oils.

But do not forget that hair oils do not reach the ends.

So it is necessary to continue using conditioning or moisturizing masks on the rest of the hair.

Important tips for women with oily hair:

When using conditioners, styling creams, finishes, and moisturizing masks, do not rub the roots of the hair, as this can add to the daily oiliness.

Also, do not forget that cold water is the best way to wash your tresses.

As in the cold, make your bath warmer, but do not shower with water at the highest temperature, as this may lead to an increase of oil in your hair.

You should also comb your hair once a day and regularly.

As this helps to distribute the oils throughout your hair.

And also prevents the accumulation of sebum that causes a shiny greasy appearance.

In addition to that, you should reduce combing your hair more than once during the day.

Because frequent hair combing stimulates the sebaceous glands and increases their secretion of sebum.

Also, avoid touching your hair, because the hands and face also secrete oils.

So passing your fingers through your hair constantly causes these oils to transfer to your head and accumulate on them.

Abstaining from this habit may also help keep your hair from excess oils throughout the day.

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