Dandruff is not as obvious as dandruff sufferers imagine, so with a few precautions, you can make it difficult to notice.

Dandruff appears in the scalp and ranges from a slight amount to a dense layer of dandruff attached to the scalp, it appears at any age and is spread among males more.

There are also some techniques and methods that you can follow to help you get rid of it.

Methods and techniques for how to get rid of dandruff quickly:

Comb your hair with dry shampoo

Dry shampoo cleans and moisturizes the scalp if you apply it before going out.

You can find it in pharmacies and online stores, and it comes as a spray or powder.

To apply, spray your hair several times or sprinkle powder on the scalp and comb your hair to loosen the flakes, and rinse the comb after each stroke.

Apply warm mineral oil

Warm a bowl of oil and massage your head into it. The oil will moisturize the scalp and reduce dandruff.

If you want to use natural oils, it is preferable to use 5% tea tree oil.

Olive oil and peanut oil are also filtered, but you have to use them carefully because they may be food for the crust formed by the fungi.

Apply treatment at night

Many long-term care oil treatments and shampoos are proven to work if left for more than eight hours.

Look for an anti-dandruff shampoo that contains tar and keratolytic.

If keratolytics or any other substance that breaks down dead skin cells doesn’t work, look for salicylic acid or sulfur in them.

Wear a shower cap if you intend to sleep with the oil or shampoo that you have applied to your hair.

Stop using hair care products

If the dandruff is thin and located in the strands of hair and not on the scalp, it may be a reaction to styling products.

Make sure that the hair products you use are free of parafenylenediamine, the ingredient that causes it to grow.

Also, watch out for products that contain alcohol and harsh chemicals in hair dyes.

Increase the frequency of washing with shampoo

Shampooing often removes inflammation and keeps hair free of dandruff.

Even a quick shampooing before going out has great effect on reducing it.

Expose your hair to the sun

Exposing the scalp to moderate sunlight is helpful, as UV rays help reduce the amount of dandruff on your hair.

However, be careful of excessive sun exposure, as it is harmful to hair.

Do not lie in the strong sunlight for a long time and do not forget to apply anti-sun cream to your hair.

Discuss with your doctor the appropriate treatment for dandruff

If you are not satisfied with the level of dandruff after several weeks of treatment, consult a doctor.

Dandruff does not cause any health problems, but no one wants to live with dandruff.

Your doctor may prescribe a stronger treatment, or additional treatment for itching and inflammation.

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