Brazilian hair protein is the latest method of straightening hair with minimal side effects. It is also suitable for treating damaged, dry and frizzy hair.

As its formula depends on amino acids and substances equivalent to the pH in the scalp.

In addition to increasing the balance between acids and alkalis in the hair, and supporting the hair shaft from the inside.

What is Brazilian hair protein?

Protein, especially keratin, is the main component of skin, hair and nails.

Also, the components of the hair are very similar to the case of the stairs.

And between the components of the hair there are different strengths between one type of hair and another.

The gradients of straight hair have the same shape as a regular ladder, while curly hair has gradients of hair components like a spiral ladder.

Strong hair is usually the result of strong bonds, as breaking those bonds increases the ability to control the hair and convert it from curly to straight.

And this is what the Brazilian protein does to straighten the hair.

Most Brazilian protein treatments include “keratin” or “collagen” or both.

As they dissolve in water and merge with natural keratin or natural collagen for hair when heated, in what is known as the process of (closing hair).

Where the hair is saturated with protein and is dried and styled.

Also, Brazilian hair protein is not only high in keratin and collagen.

But it also contains essential amino acids that rebuild hair again, give it great strength and increase its growth rates as well.

Plus nourishing natural oils and essential vitamins, as is the case in the formula of the SaoLindas Hair Treatment range.

Stages of hair treatment development:

All women know that the natural proteins in their hair are consumed very quickly.

They run out of hair, leaving it dull and frizzy, and it can also cause hair loss.

This protein damage occurs for many reasons, whether due to excessive exposure of the hair to dyes or chemicals in hair care products.

Or as a result of heavy use of heat tools or a lack of nutrition and fatigue.

At the beginning of the permanent use of hair straighteners.

The products were made of chemicals that break down the structural bonds in the hair.

And they caused tremendous damage and their popularity declined over time.

And then began to use chemical formulas that are very similar to the natural protein found in hair, but also based on formalin (formaldehyde).

Which when heated is considered a toxic gas, as it causes irritation to the eyes, nose and scalp.

Therefore, many laws banned the use of this substance in cosmetics and care products.

With various technological developments, Brazilian hair proteins such as the Saolindas products were created.

It is based on more natural ingredients, and is completely free of formalin.

All types of protein generally aim to straighten the hair.

But the regular protein or keratin treatment is more sticky to the hair, unlike the Brazilian protein treatment.

Also, the regular treatment is suitable for certain types of hair only and for a temporary period.

But the Brazilian treatment works for all hair types.

Causes no damage at all and is the best hair treatment protein.

How to apply Brazilian hair protein:

It is usually best to apply the Brazilian hair protein in a beauty salon by a professional hairdresser.

But it can also be applied by yourself at home or with the help of a relative skilled in straightening hair.

However, the results may not be the same as what you will get from the experts.

Where protein is applied to the hair, and it is sealed using heat.

To get fine, smooth hair, and its effect lasts for about 6 months.

And hair should not be washed until four days have passed since its application.

Because the materials used need enough time to take effect.

When starting to wash hair, a sodium-sulfate-free shampoo should be used to maintain the treatment used.

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