Many women hesitate about straightening their hair due to fear of damage, but SAOLINDAS hair treatment set is all you need for a straightening process without causing any harm.

So if you want to change your look, try straightening your hair with this set.

It is a complete 3-step haircare regimen: PH9 shampoo, hair treatment and protein mask.

It was developed using the new “organic therapy” technology that is designed.

For all types of hair (rebellious, thick, curly and colored).

It is a Brazilian smoothing technology with fast and effective care protocols.

To moisturize and rebuild hair and to give hair strength, lightness, shine and intense shine.

It is also a very rich technology that results in 100% soft and smooth hair.

SAOLINDAS hair treatment set:

1 PH9 hair shampoo

It is rich in active natural substances that deeply cleanse the hair and provide it.

With a high emollient to prepare it for the smoothing stage.

And make it ready to absorb vitamins and nutrients.

It also contains argan oils and fruits from the Amazon forest.

That help replenish hydration and eliminate dryness.

This makes the hair soft and silky for longer and works to reorganize the hair fibers.

2 hair treatment

Developed with active ingredients, argan oils and fruits.

From the Amazon jungle that soften and nourish hair fibers.

Rich in effective antioxidants that prevent hair aging.

This gives the hair a smooth, natural look, making it stronger, lighter, shinier and less frizzy.

3 protein mask

Carefully developed with the latest hair technology.

To finish the hair treatment process and give it a great shine and hydration.

Its formula is rich in natural active ingredients, argan oils and fruits.

From the Amazon that help eliminate porosity and dryness.

They make hair soft and silky for longer and reorganize the hair fibers.

Ways to use the SAOLINDAS hair treatment set:

Method (1) Use PH9 shampoo

Apply SAOLINDAS Organic therapy PH9 Shampoo evenly on wet hair.

Then gently rub and massage the hair and leave it for 10 minutes until it holds together.

Then rinse it well with water.

It is possible to repeat the operation up to 3 times if necessary.

Method (2) Use of a hair SAOLINDAS

Apply the “SAOLINDAS Organic therapyhair treatment after using (PH9 shampoo).

Where the hair must be dried by a hair dryer from 70% to 100%.

Then divide the hair into 4 equal sections.

With the help of a brush, an amount of this product is applied.

To the strands of hair evenly up to the ends of the hair.

Leaving a distance (0.5 cm) from the roots.

With the help of a comb the product is massaged.

And distributed over the hair evenly from roots to ends.

Leave the product on for 25 to 45 minutes, depending on the type of hair.

Then rinse the hair with water and dry it.

Then use the electric hair iron with constant temperature.

230 degrees for tough hair and 210 degrees for delicate hair.

Method (3) Use of a protein mask

Apply the “SAOLINDAS Organic therapyprotein mask to damp, clean hair.

And distribute it well from the scalp to the ends.

Then gently massage the hair for two minutes to obtain moisture, then rinse it with water.

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