Many girls and women want to try everything new that increases the beauty and shine of their hair, as they try many hair treatment set, including chemical and some that depend on heat.

Also, hair straighteners and other things that you do not trust in their composition may give the hair a wonderful appearance.

But in reality they have a harmful effect.

And it may be damaging in many cases to the health and luster of the hair.

So the hair loses its luster and health and is exposed to drought and split ends, and even weakness and falling as well.

So we decided to try our new and advanced hair treatment set from Saolindas.

This treatment is the latest revolutionary trend in the world of caring for stressed and damaged hair.

The Saolindas hair treatment set restores hair before exposure to all your chemical treatments.

It erases traces and damages of chemicals from your hair and cleanses it of all residues.

It is the protein that nourishes the hair, which reaches its depth and the inner layers of each hair separately.

To restore the rich, healthy texture of your hair, leaving it healthier and shinier.

It also increases hair strength and softness by up to 100%.

The effect of this treatment extends for a period of about 6 months, during which the hair is soft, shiny, healthy and refreshing.

If the hair is very stressed, it is recommended to do another treatment after 6 months or earlier, depending on the condition of the hair.

To maintain the condition of the hair during the treatment, all you have to do is use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner.

Which will maintain the elasticity and shine of the hair without burdening it with harmful chemicals.

Saolindas hair treatment set:

Saolindas Hair Treatment Set is all you need to care for your hair in one set.

It is also a complete 3-step hair care regimen that consists of.

PH9 shampoo, hair treatment and protein mask.

It was developed using the new “organic therapy” technology.

That is designed for all types of hair (rebellious, thick, curly and colored).

It is a Brazilian smoothing technology with fast and effective care protocols.

To moisturize and rebuild hair and to give hair strength, lightness, shine and intense shine.

It also strengthens and nourishes the hair with hair treatment cells.

In addition, it re-moisturizes the hair to become soft and silky smooth, and makes hair drying easier and faster.

It also provides complete protection from high temperatures and UV rays, and restores hair fibers.

Thanks to its formula based on plant-based amino acid technology.

And complete plant-based proteins, it prevents aging and restores hair.

In addition to a variety of important vitamins to prevent hair loss,.

Collagen protein to promote hair growth, and a high concentration of argan oil.

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