We all know that the wrong use of a hair dryer causes many hair problems after a while, from breakage and fall to hair damage.

So there are a few things every woman should keep in mind before using a hair dryer at home.

But let’s agree that the first and foremost rule is to buy a high-tech hair dryer from a well-known brand to ensure its usefulness.

Tips before using a home hair dryer:

1- Make sure to dry your hair with a towel immediately after washing or showering.

As this helps reduce the time you expose your hair to hot air.

2- Use a wide comb to comb your hair and detangle tangled strands.

This method avoids hair loss or breakage of its ends.

3- Choose a high-quality hair dryer and also for the brush.

Keep in mind that the best hair dryer products available in the market.

4- Apply a heat protectant serum or spray to the ends of your hair while it is wet.

Taking care to keep away from the roots so that your hair does not weigh down and it is difficult to lift the roots up.

5- To style your hair, start drying the upper part of your hair well.

Then divide the remaining hair into several parts and secure them with hair clips.

As well as divide each part into small locks and dry them with the dryer from the roots to the ends, and repeat until you finish all the parts.

6- As if your hair is heavy, divide your hair into a larger number of strands.

But if it is thin, it is sufficient to divide it into three or four parts.

7- Make sure that the dryer is 15-20 cm away from your hair to protect it from intense heat.

And it is preferable that the dryer tip is facing downwards and not directly at the roots.

8- Avoid setting the hair dryer temperature at the highest setting, instead increase the speed of the air.

9- Take care to constantly move the hair dryer throughout the drying process and not fix it on one hair strand for a long time.

10- After you have completely dried your hair, adjust its temperature to a cold level and then apply it on your hair for several seconds.

As the cold air will close the layers of the hair and increase its shine.

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