Do you know how to protecting hair from external damage, split ends and breakage in the summer?

Do you know what anti-pollution products are? What benefits can it provide for you?

Come with us to know and learn a little about it and to take care of your hair more.

A growing number of companies are developing hair care products that claim to remove dust, toxins and pollutants from your hair, but do they really do this?

The effects of pollution on our skin are well-established – we’re talking about dry, irritated or scaly faces, premature aging and even acne.

Likewise, pollutants can affect our hair and scalp, and can cause dandruff, skin irritation and even hair loss.

According to studies by the Skin Cancer Foundation, 90% of aging occurs early due to pollutants and solar radiation, which affects our skin and hair.

So what can an anti-pollution hair product do for us?

This anti-pollution hair product helps with combing, reduce stickiness to pollution, and improve elasticity.

In addition to increasing the resistance of strands and enhancing the preservation of shine after exposure.

It also works by creating a barrier against the buildup of external pollutants, and smooths the surface of the hair to prevent pollutants and odors from sticking to.

How about hair color that seems to be fading?

Have you ever noticed that your strands become increasingly dry and brittle as you spend more time outdoors and in the sun?

You are not imagining things, just as the sun affects your skin, so it affects your hair.

And if you protect your skin with sunscreen, it is a good idea to do the same with your hair.

Locks of hair can also be damaged by the sun’s ultraviolet rays, as can the skin.

It is therefore normal for hair to fade when exposed to heavy sunlight.

And now, with the advent of summer, the risks of damage are greater, so it is absolutely necessary to protect not only the skin, but the hair as well.

Fortunately, we can count on hair products to help us with this care.

Our new “SaoLindas – Organic Therapy” hair treatment set that, besides being anti-pollution, also guarantees sun protection for your hair?

The complete line also consists of (shampoo PH9, hair treatment and mask protein), developed with anti-pollution, protective and nourishing materials.

It’s also perfect for someone wanting to embrace the hair care we mentioned above!

Take advantage of the hot weather to get what suits you, and keep your locks safe!

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